Total renovation of the “Rus“ Sanatorium

In Sochi, supply of furniture and equipment, renovation of exterior appearance, complete supply of hotel furnishings


Corpus 1 “Imperial”, “Rus“ Sanatorium, a magnificent three-storey palace with distinct traditional features of Stalinist neoclassicism, covering almost 20,000 m2 was built in 1954. The grandiose height of the halls with colonnades, elegant marble stairs and halls, artistically shaped cornices on the high ceilings, unusually pleasant and at the same time ceremonial splendor of the Atrium built in classical Italian style, elegant fountains, magnificent balustrade of a majestic marble staircase that descends to the sea and a fantastic view from the last floors of the complex makes you feel special and in harmony with nature.


Corpus 1 – a pride and joy of the sanatorium represents an inseparable part of the cultural and historical centre of the Olympic capital. In 2009-2010 the “Imperial” corpus was subject to complete and total renovation – since then, the building completely meets the international standards of a technically highly ranked five-star hotel.


Corpus 2**** (Lesnoy) – It reopened its gates after a thorough renovation conducted by “Juventa” company. The historical four-storey building is situated in the centre of a beautiful dendrological park. Experienced designers created here a special emotional and romantic atmosphere of beauty and harmony. The hotel covering 4,000 m2 has 52 air-conditioned suites equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system, safes, mini-bars, LCD TV.


Complete renovation of villas (facades, systems and interior)


 Villa 1. Total area – 1004.9 m2

Number of apartments - 7

Capacity - 7 (14) guests


Villa 5. Total area – 1004.9 m2

Number of apartments - 7

Capacity - 7 (14) guests


Villa 6. Total area – 1122.1 m2

Number of apartments - 6

Capacity - 6 (12) guests


 Villa 7. Total area – 744.4 m2

Number of apartments - 3

Capacity  - 3 (6) guests


Villa 8. Total area – 900.0 m2

Luxury villa



Coastal zone facilities of  “Rus“ Sanatorium


Rotonda 1 - "Biskvit" (Biscuit)


Total actual facility area is 134.88 m2 within which

-         guest area – 132.25 m2

-         service area – 2.63 m2


Having in mind the complexity of stylistic trends applied in the entire “Rus” complex estate which include both classical neoclassicism and the Empire style of the Stalin era combined with contemporary approach, in this case the composition of styles is at issue that can be attributed to a specific period.


Design engineers tried to unite the diversity of styles present at the complex and in that respect they used the elements from different periods in such manner which resulted in an architectural expression with distinct modern features. In order to emphasize the elements in the back they used stylistic elements such as decorative columns, various materials, secondary plastics etc.


 Rotonda 2 - Bocarka


Total actual facility area is 218.45 m2 within which

-         guest area – 179.50 m2

-         service area – 38.95 m2



Its interior design resembles the pubs in London combined with Russian elements.



"Barabulka" Restaurant


The constructed building represents a compact one-storey structure, the size of which is 22.82 x 13.77 m and the height at the lowest point being 4.05m and 4.56 at the highest point. Total surface area is 155.0 m2.


Its interior design displays a combination of Medieval (Russian) neoclassical elements with a touch of styles of later periods (secession and art-deco).

The interior design envisages top quality materials in order to meet the demands of an exclusive restaurant. 


"Mangal" Cafe


"Mangal" Cafe represents a compact one-storey structure the size of which is 17.70 x 12.21m. Total surface area of the building covers 180.23 m2.

The building consists of guest areas and service rooms.

Total guest area covers 153.70 m2. This part features the cafe area with 34 seats, aperitif bar, restrooms and a terrace with 20 seats.



“Mangal” Café differs in style from other coastal facilities. The basic idea and association was a local traditional architecture typical for the Caucasian region.

Wall and roof construction – wooden, roof cover – profiled tiles. The interior is dominated by natural materials: bricks, stone, wood.


"Eskimo" Kiosk


"Eskimo" Kiosk is a one-storey building compact in form, the maximum width and length of which is 6.41 x 4.36 m and height 3.31 m at the lowest point and 3.90 m at the highest point. Total facility area is 14.34 m2.


The facility consists of the part for selling sweets and service area.

Total area of the part for selling sweets is 9.30 m2.

The service area covers 4.54 m2 and consists of a wardrobe and a staff toilet.


Vaulted dance floor – “Muzikalnaya Volna” 


The dance floor is a vaulted dance area ellipsoid in shape, the size of which is 25.30 x 19.00 m at the points of maximum width and minimum height is 4.84 m and maximum height 7.99m. Total surface area is 318.0 m2. The facility consists of a guest area and a small service area. The guest area covers 309.30 m2 and it includes a dance floor, a DJ stand and an aperitif bar.