Renovation and construction of buildings on the coast

The United Sanatorium “Rus“, the town of Sochi


placement of furniture and equipment, complete renovation and construction. The “Barabulka“ cafe, a spacious bright facility, is a real pearl of the unique coast of “Rus“ sanatorium with a breathtaking sea view restaurant.


The “Briz” café is ideal for romantic encounters. Comfortable wicker benches under palm shades, sunset, magnificent open sea view, everything is subject to spiritual tranquility.


The “Eskimo” café. In the summer season the dessert kiosk “Eskimo” is open, erected literally on the very coastal edge. 


The “Mangal” Restaurant – a secluded place where great mood is a must, together with a pleasant feeling of warmth and hospitality.

Relaxed atmosphere, light sea breeze, refined style, designed and executed by the top-class specialist – “Juventa Group”.


Patisserie café – “Biskvit” – a miniature facility with vitrage windows where you can have a business meeting over a cup of aromatic coffee or a unique cocktail.


Beer house “Bocharka” – a bar with an original European-style interior design on the sea coast, where beer lovers can enjoy all kinds of hops beverage in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.