Another jewel in "Juventa"’s crown. Congratulations!


Juventa Group and the United Complex of Sanatoriums and Resorts “Rus“ are proud to announce the opening of the “Rusich“ branch after its complete renovation (Sochi, Kurortniy Prospekt 83).


Completely renovated accommodation capacity and compact estate of the complex guarantee an individual treatment to all the visitors. Former sanatorium “Avant-garde“ is one of the oldest health resorts in the tourist town of Sochi. The buildings erected during Stalin's construction era have a status of architectural monuments in Sochi with the sanatorium situated in the centre of the city in the dendro park zone on the Black Sea coast.


The “Rusich” complex is located in the centre of Sochi at 83 Kurortniy Prospekt. The pleasant sanatorium estate directly borders with the sea coast and a beautiful beach. Within a walking distance there are such local landmarks as the Dendrarium, circus and the town beach. The sanatorium has a modern treatment and diagnostic centre equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices. When carrying our medical procedures the advantages of naturally favourable climatic conditions are primarily used along with spa treatments and physical therapy.


The “Spalniy” Hotel is a three-storey building located in the coastal area of the park. It was renovated in 2013. The hotel has central air conditioning system. During renovation, state-of-the-art technology was applied. The hotel is equipped with modern furniture pieces. Within the complex there is a restaurant, a library, a playroom for children, a concert hall and a video screening room. The “Primorski” complex is at a 10 meters distance from the beach. Total hotel capacity includes 156 beds.