About the company

"Juventa Group" Consortium was established in 1992. 


At present 7 companies from Russia, Serbia, Italy, Great Britain and Cyprus are the members of the Consortium.


“Juventa Group” has been carrying out a variety of works in the field of elite building construction. The scope of works the Consortium is engaged in includes: design engineering, construction and assembly works, finishing works, installation and engineering works, trade, supply of furniture and equipment for administrative buildings, residential and manufacturing buildings, execution of special authorial and designers’ projects at the most demanding architectural and engineering level.


During its longtime activity, “Juventa Group” Consortium has established an image of a company that easily develops the entire project documentation and constructs first-class top quality buildings.


The Company has been present at the Russian construction market for twenty years. The Consortium staff consists of highly qualified specialists – citizens of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and other European countries. The part of the Company is also the design engineering group in charge of development of exclusive design projects and all types of documentation – from conceptual design to main and executive design. Furthermore, for the purpose of realizing its business plans, the Company has been engaging the services of a considerable number of Russian specialists. The Company has 450 employees out of which 60 highly qualified engineers.


In the course of its existence “Juventa Group” Consortium has established its reputation with employers due to its positive qualities. The diligent work of “Juventa Group” Consortium was rewarded by the Recognition of the Union of Architects of Russia for the design of the “ Congress Palace – Consular Settlement, Strelna” in Saint Petersburg for the best design project in 2001-2003.



“Juventa Group” Consortium holds a license for design engineering, construction and renovation of buildings and the surrounding area, restoration of buildings of cultural heritage and it is the member of “SRO” – a non-profit partnership named “Union of General Contractors in Building Construction” and a non-profit partnership “Urban Planning and Design Engineering Union” in Russia.



The Company objective is to continue its successful participation in the global market, to apply cutting-edge engineering processes and achievements in building construction and to constantly increase the volume of work.


Our motto is – Towards progress through quality and responsible work.  


Managing Director

"Juventa Group" Consortium

Dragan Đordan